How we help you align your people strategy with your business strategy

With a relentless focus on human analytics, we help board members, business leaders and executives understand and act upon what drives people to optimum performance.  Thus enabling you to focus better and develop the vast potential of your most powerful asset: your people!

The Predictive Index®

The Predictive Index® (PI®) system is the cornerstone of our Behavior Suite which is based on our proven methodology of integrating data, technology, knowledge and expertise. Leverage this suite to gain breakthrough results by analyzing, aligning, and optimizing your individuals, teams and leaders. PI Masters International is a PI Certified Partner.

All of our assessments are scientifically validated against populations large enough to be used for any job, in any industry, in any location worldwide.
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How Does PI®Work

There are significant financial consequences of making a poor hire, including recruiting costs, lost productivity, poor performance, and low morale. No organization can afford to make a bad hire or lose that hire before their potential is realized. Talent Acquisition is the critical process of finding, assessing and acquiring talent to meet the company’s goals. It also includes the essential onboarding process once the hire is made.

The Predictive Index®system takes the guesswork out of the selection process by defining the behavioral requirements of the job and identifying the natural behavioral drives of the candidate. This allows for a fit/gap analysis between the job profile and the personality profile of the candidate. It also gives key insights into the candidate’s training and coaching needs to support the onboarding process.